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Hey polycounters !

I'm opening this wip thread to share my progress on a character bust. The concept I will be following is an artwork by Cédric Peyraverney for Dishonored 2. Anyone wishing to comment or critique my progress is most welcome :)

For this project I have three major objectives:
  1. Uping my game in terms of technique. This will be my first PBR piece and it will be a great opportunity to tackle a number of subjects which are still alien to me (mainly, PBR workflow/software and hair cards).
  2. Finding the pleasure again. For too long I've been doing work because I felt I had to rather than because it was what I really enjoyed. Time for a change !
  3. Engaging with the community more. I have a tendancy of working on my stuff in an ascetic way and it's something I want to change. FB is great but clearly the people here are a lot more involved and this is something I'd like to be a part of.
So why this concept ? I really like the way the Dishonored franchise portrays human beings. Their faces are broken in a way that reflects their inner sanity (at least to me). This character in particular is interesting to me because of her subtle asymmetry, the scar and the tatoo that point to some interesting history as well as her mysterious gaze. What is she thinking about ? What is intriguing her outside of the frame ?

I also chose it for it's "simplicity", meaning there aren't 72 elements to model here. Therefore, I'll be able to take my time and give it the required polish while exploring new software. I'm not giving myself any deadline here since the goal is to learn and have fun.


Overall, I'm looking at all the Dishonored artwork to study how they treat anatomy and form. I'm also looking at the result in game to see how they translate it to 3D in both games. Clearly their process evolved from Dish1 to Dish2. It looks a lot less handpainted now. I'm also looking forward to discovering the character from the concept in game since I haven't seen her yet in the trailers.

One other thing I noticed is how much she looks like Tilda Swinton. I'm guessing she was the inspiration for this design. I'm also very excited for the Dishonored 2 to come out so I can take a closer look at the characters in game.


Here's my current progress after a few sessions. I've started from zbro's head basemesh to which I added a mouth cavity. I decided to quickly break symmetry because of how defining of a caracteristic it is to this character.

For the hair, I quickly blocked in a few strands which I matched to the concept view angle. Obviously, they don't work from the other angles so I'm going to have to tackle this soon. Hair is usually my pet peave so I want to make sure I resolve it asap instead of staying in my confort zone and polishing the face for too long.

Thanks for reading this and feel free to engage. If you have questions on my process, I'll do my best to answer them. If you have remarks and comments, don't be shy and help me grow :)

Cheers !


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