SOLVED: Normal artifacts after baking in Painter

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gfelton polycounter lvl 3
Hey, I'm getting this weird pattern in my normal map that looks like this:
I've tried a few remedies which have all been to no avail. So far I tried:

- Triangulating the door.
- Setting up new smoothing groups on the door.
- Resetting the XForm of the both the LP door and HP door.

Hopefully someone here knows of a way to solve this as this is hindering me from beginning the texture phase. Thanks guys! :)


  • gfelton
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    gfelton polycounter lvl 3

    So the artifacting I was getting was some form of aliasing because there was a polygon on my unwrap that had been squished to a completely flat line, hence the reason I couldn't see it at first glance. Splitting up the problem area into different UV islands helped me to figure it out. To solve it I simply gave each island a touch of the peel mode in Max and then went ahead and baked it.
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