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2016 Reboot - Hell, It's About Time.

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It's been just over a year since we had an update to the Q-Branch Quote Game. I figure we might as well set things rolling again.

The rules are pinned to the top of the thread, but we might as well go over them here because people probably won't read them.
*Thread starter posts a quote from a movie. 
*Others try to guess the movie the quote came from. No cheating by looking it up on IMDB or anywhere else. 
*If the movie hasn't been successfully guessed in a day or two then the thread starter should post another quote from the same move. I usually start fairly obscure and move towards being blindingly obvious.
*If a person correctly guesses the movie then they get to start a new thread with quote. Only the winner gets to start a new thread.

Simple stuff, but people tend to forget bits of it.

So the new quote, from something that I'd imagine everyone here will have seen:

"All right. We didn't die today. I'd call that an unqualified success."


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