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Hi all!

I've been designing CS skins for a few years now and was really honoured to have the Golden Coil M4A1-S added to the game. Really enjoyed the PC-CSGO competition so it's about time I made a thread here and continued sharing and learning with you all!

I'll start with some collections I've made:

The Snakebite series was my first set of skins to really catch the public eye, based on classical design elements and a snake focal point, conceptually I wanted these weapons to have the snake lunging out from the plants. Sort of a stealthy hunter set of skins with the USP-S, MP7 and M4A1-S, with the AWP added later and a recent revision to the MP7.

The Equalizer collection has been my 2nd most popular series on the workshop and stemmed from the PC-CSGO competition where I created the AWP inspired by 80's sci-fi like Back to the Future and Ghostbusters. This range has since been extended to include more guns than shown, so check out the collection page to see them all.

The Imperial collection was also influenced by classical design, and I was attempting to make it a set for a more futuristic empire. This series started with my interest in exploring the copper style weapons I tried out in the Snakebite (Golden Coil) series. I was trying to make a range of weapons for different rarity tiers here, including duller versions for most skins.

The Mokume collection is based on a form of Japanese metalworking called Mokume-gane. I made a lot of skins in this set, all anodized and randomised, with many options for different rarity tiers. I really wanted to make sure I had low tier colour combos for this due to the nature of random skins. 


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