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Hey guys, here to share a little "tool" I have been using to quickly create my hair plane textures, and even better, quickly altering it without having to start from scratch every time the hair need some big changes.

I just created a new tool, this time to be used with Substance Painter, and in my opnion it makes the process a lot faster and more fun, I added the tool to the same package on gumroad, its called "Hair_fur_Generator_Painter".
And here is a video of the process:


The idea in Substance Designer is pretty much to first create your hair pattern, in this case I simply used a couple of tile generators and some directional warp to create a hair generator, something really simple to create, but if you want, I wend ahead and created a version with exposed parameters to your to change the thickness, curliness, color and some other stuff, witch you can find for free at my https://gumroad.com/rohmizuno#.

After that is done, all you have to do is create the shape you want your hair clump to have, I can explain how I created mines if anyone is curious, but that is something that there is already a lot of resources covering it out there (I specially recommend this one by Richard Piper https://vimeo.com/112542443)

Once the shape and your hair pattern is done, all you have to do is invert your pattern and blend it over your shape using the Blend node set to subtract. Remember that is you want to add a flow to hair, use the SAME directional warp to the shape and the hair, that way both will flow on the same direction giving a natural look to it.

On my gumroad there is also a file where you can open on substance and check some examples of how I created different types of hair using my Hair Generator.

Here are some extra images, and you can visit my artstation for a better resolution: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Lx8zv

Let me know if you have any question, feedback or if you find that useful at all for you!


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