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In continued effort to pimp up our portfolios join us for updates on Tuesday and Thursday nights! Our hope is to further our knowledge of substance and just generally level up as environment artists.

So let's get started shall we? Here is what we're shooting for:

Christopher (pixelpatron) will be tackling the room layout, Unity setup, lighting and blockout. Gonna setup shop in Unity 5, and possibly move the project to Unreal. We'll see.....who knows. It's in rough shape and I'm a little embarrassed to show it off at this state.....but hey, ya gotta start somewhere right? Everything is pretty much temp and subject to change. I must stress these block out models are only built for rough size and shape and are actually pretty grotesque things. Case in point the block out model on the left of these images in no way/shape or form resembles what it's turned into...scroll down......you'll see....

While I've been banging away on the room layout.....Mark (Iron Chewie) has been hard at work getting our first asset done. We wanted a large electrical generator contraption in the central part of the room. This will eventually have a ton of wires and electricity shooting out of it, and be an interesting spot to have some cool light sources and effects.

He's got the high and low poly/bakes done and is moving onto textures.... 

Stay tuned for next weeks episode.....same bat time.....same bat channel.

Comments/feedback/beef jerky welcomed. Thanks gang.


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