Maya Viewpoint 2.0 stops displaying shaders

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Hey guys,
This has been happening to me off and on in Maya 2015 for a while now and I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered it.
When using Viewpoint 2.0, randomly all of my shaders will stop displaying. They'll just be the default grey and no amount of assigning new shaders or adjusting existing ones will fix it.
The weird part is that they display if I use the legacy high quality renderer. 

Any thoughts on this one? 


  • peanut™
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    It may be for some reason but i make sure to have the latest videocard drivers installed on my videocard because Maya can be bitchy with all the new realtime viewport plugins. The problem went away with a fresh new upgrade from Nvidia (my case)
  • Marshkin
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    Marshkin polycounter lvl 4
    That's a good point! I did update mine after you mentioned it and the problem did appear to resolve itself. We will need to see if it returns.

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