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FINAL Adrian Brito - Environment

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This sounds like a lot of fun. I've experimented with Art Deco in the past but never really went a hundred percent. After a quick reference trip, off the bat I love metallic motifs and trims as it reminds a whole lot of Gears of War architecture; brick and mortar surrounded by heavy metallic structure.  Not sure if I'll be heading in that direction but it looks great in my head. As for style influences I rather enjoy when both Art Nuvaue and Deco sit somewhere in between, not so straight and angled but not very organic either. Hoping to add some scifi influence as well, Necromonger  large heavy exaggerated architecture from Chronicles or Riddick come to mind. 

My rough mental concept is an outdoor atrium with a large glass canopy hanging overhead, somewhat of a foyer with stairs leading to an entrance of a hotel or theater. Very much a reception or mingling area for guests. Mood board coming soon, apparently that's a thing. Always called them reference collage. 


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