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Hello all -

I am running into an issue with my export settings in SP. I recently added an ID map export output to my usual setup (which consists of all the usual maps with a few tweaks to the default settings to make my life easier, like making sure that even the BW maps are exported as RGB files, exporting both Yup and Ydown normalmaps, and so on). However the ID map doesn't seem to get written out, only 8 out of the 9 requested maps are being generated.

I used the "ID" output widget from the Mesh maps panel.

In case that is of any relevance : the ID mask used by the project I am testing this with has been generated by the internal SP baker based on the vertex colors of the highpoly OBJ coming directly from zbrush. And similarly, all the other inputs also come from a SP bake (that is to say the project has no reliance on external image files for input).

Thanks !

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On a related note, the Configuration panel of the texture exporter is in need of some disambiguation. I understand that it seems to automatically detect and save any setting, but I think that's a problem as far as UX is concerned. I would personally much rather have a buttons labelled "save configuration changes", or some similar system . As it currently stands, the system allows the user to completely mess up an export preset without any chance to revert changes and that's a big no-no as far as error prevention is concerned. 

Similarly, the Cancel and Export buttons are quite confusing when one is in the Configuration panel, since the Export button only becomes active when the user is in the "Export" panel. I hope this makes sense.

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And while I am at it I might as well ask about the following, also related to the exporter. What is the reasoning behind the DefaultMaterial string being added on export ?

I find it confusing because it seems to always get added, and cannot be modified anywhere in the program (for instance I don't think there is a place where the material applied to the asset currently applied to the asset being worked on can be changed to anything else than "DefaultMaterial"). It would make sense if this string was referring to the shader being used on the asset being worked on but I don't think that's the case since the name are different (default being "pbr-metal-rough" if I am not mistaken). I also don't really understand why the Export panel seem to suggest that multiple texture set can be added (as this part is labeled "Texture setS")whereas it doesn't seem possible to do so. I am probably missing something here and would love to be pointed in the right direction.


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    Jerc greentooth
    I'll have to test that ID thing on my end.

    About the texture set name being DefaultMaterial, it's just because that's how Substance Painter named the TextureSet when you created the project, probably because no specific material name was set up in your 3D app before you exported the mesh.

    If you apply specific named materials to your mesh before importing it in Painter, that's what will appear there.
    Also if you have multiple texture sets in your scene, they will appear in this list, and improvements to this dialog to deal with merging texture sets together are coming soon.
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    Ha, I see what you mean regarding the TextureSet name ! That makes sense. Never ran into the need to work with more than one so far, so that explains why I never saw more than one line in the export dialog.

    Can't wait to hear more about the ID map issue. Thanks !
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