Substance Painter feature request : lock lighting direction to viewport

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Hello Allegorithmic team.

In Substance Painter, it would be very helpful to have the ability to lock the lighting direction to the current camera - similarly to the way all 3d programs have a point light coming from the camera for their realtime viewports.

That way the user could manually rotate the environment into an appropriate angle so that the asset being worked on is nicely lit > tick a checkmark to lock the environment angle > and then going forward the lighting would remain in the same relationship to the camera. This would bypass the need to constantly shift-rightclick-drag in order to clearly see what one is working on. 

Ideally this would also allow the environment to tilt up and down when the camera tilts. Meaning that this option should also probably come with another option, allowing for the environment to tilt up and down . Or, maybe the ability for the environment to tilt up and down could be limited to the time when the lock is active - either would work fine in my opinion.

I hope this makes sense ! It personally strikes me as a needed feature every time I open Painter to keep on working on a project.


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    It's actually doable, if you look at the new Clay shader, it has a camera facing light. We will likely update the current shaders or add new ones with the option of having a directional light in the scene, either linked to the envmap or to the camera.
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    Ha, maybe I should have been more clear - I am not necessarily asking for an extra light, but rather, just the ability to lock the current env/global lighting to the camera. (Quixel does have the option for an extra "flashlight", but it really doesn't help since it tends to cause everything to be overexposed).

    The following video should clarify it. In this example in order to clearly see the asset, I end up having to constantly "counter rotate" the environment/light direction, effectively compensating for camera movements.  (I am using toolbag here just for the sake of easily setting up an example scene but the same applies to SP).

    Being able to lock (or, "parent") the environment to the camera in SP would prevent this issue.

    Thanks !

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