What Goes Boom?! Development Progress Thread

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cateboskee vertex
Myself and Brett Brusco are coming together once again to create a game in a short amount of time. We have one semester to create a playable demo of a game before we graduate in December. The previous game was Titan Knight, which I will make a thread for at some point (and I'll link to it when I do). 

The new game is What Goes Boom?! and is a first person arena shooter, which replaces the entertainment of the Olympic games in something we've recently been referring to as The Boom Tournament. 
The premise is that it's based quite far into the future, in a time where humans have been inhabiting all the planets of the solar system for a while. The arena's are located off of each planet, within their orbits. Each arena showcases the different style of each planet and its inhabitants. Each planet has a champion (which will be the playable characters) representing their home arena's. Because this is a form of entertainment, the more explosions and damage, the better. We have considered putting in a capture the flag game mode (possibly as the default for the demo). 

If there's anything I forgot to say I'll most likely put it in the following posts. We are open to feedback, critique, and general questions and comments, always! 


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