Stylized Water Shader (Windwaker/Rime inspired shader)

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Highly customizable to suit your art direction through various parameters. This package focuses on providing artistic freedom, rather than a realistic water simulation. 

NEW Version 2.0! 
• 3 new demo scenes
• Revamped desktop shader
• 4 water VFX assets
• New mobile shader (up to 37% faster)
• Orthographic camera support
• Lighting modes (Unlit/Basic/Advanced)
• Shadow transmission
• Vertex painting support
• Water particle effects
• UX improvements
• Reflection blurring
• Tiling reduction (Desktop)
• Color gradient feature
• Improved wave animations (Desktop)
• Custom heightmap option 

Read all about the update here 

The style can be customized through a set of built-in textures, as well as by adding your own. These are automatically packed into channels, making this package customizable and lightweight. 

Also includes a mobile shader, features can be disabled to suit your performance target. Effects also feature an optimized mobile shader. Minimum requirement is OpenGL ES 3.0. 

== Colors ==
The water can be colored from shallow to deep through color fields, or through an integrated gradient editor. 

The material reacts to lighting conditions accordingly. Supports GI and Reflection Probes. 

== Intersection ==
Objects intersecting with the water, such as shores and rocks automatically receive a foam effect. Features several techniques for achieving this effect, more details in documentation

== Mask rendering ==
Intersection and opacity can be denoted through the use of volumes, or dedicated meshes. 

• Custom inspector, intuitive design
• Intersection effect with other objects
• Surface foam
• Orthographic camera support
• Advanced and Simple lighting modes
• Refraction (Desktop only)
• Planar reflections with blurring (Desktop only, excl VR)
• Shadow transmission from Directional Light
• Shallow wave animation (GPU)
• 8 built-in normal maps
• 7 built-in intersection textures
• 5 built-in wave heightmaps
• UV-based tiling or World-space (endless water) 

• Island, lake and pond example scenes
• Desktop shader
• Mobile shader
• 4 matching water particle effects (splashes and circles) including shader. 

WARNING! Does not support:
• Buoyancy
• Lab Renderer
• Reflections in VR (SPR)
• Spherical water
• Scriptable Render Pipeline 

As seen in:
• The Trail
• Shotgun Farmers
• Re:Legend 

Would you like me to see where you're using it? Submit a game for the porfolio!


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    Jonny10 polycounter lvl 4

    - Shaders can now be modified using ShaderForge.
    - Unity 5.5 support
    - Demo scene with 30 free stylized models
    - Option to randomize seed in inspector
    - Custom inspector component for ease of use
    - Fresnel color (alpha controls opacity)
    - New mobile shader variant "Basic"
    - Documentation now contains a parameter glossary

    - Improved support for Substance material instances
    - Changing materials shows/hides the new parameters automatically
    - Wave vertex offset now follows the mesh's normal direction, rather than offsetting in the world Y-axis (useful for curved surfaces)
    - Switched from glossiness to roughness type, for better results under low/no light conditions
    - Inspector GUI improvements
    - Substance will generate both texture maps regardless of "Generate all outputs" option
    - Fresnel color is now derived from Ambient Light rather than Directional Light
    - UV/WorldSpace tiling values are more logical
    - Reflection intensity is now bound to the glossiness parameter
    - Depth control is more physically correct
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    Jonny10 polycounter lvl 4

    This version includes a separate unity package which contains a Beta shader. It's targeted at desktop, mobile shaders will follow suit later. The minimum support version is Unity 5.4

    It features:
    - Recreated in Amplify Shader Editor entirely
    - Realtime reflections
    - Skybox lighting
    - Reflection Probe support
    - Added shallow water color parameter (replaces Depth functionality)
    - Mask surface highlight by heightmap (wave foam)
    - Wave direction configuration
    - Improved texture crosspanning
    - Improved glossiness
    - Option to use intersection texture for Surface highlights (desktop only)
    - Heightmap-based wave animation, you can pick between a Smooth, Sharp and Billowed style. Great for large bodies of water! (desktop only)
    - Unlit mode

    Some variations:

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    AmplifyCreations polycounter lvl 5
    Great stuff, love the style!  
  • Jonny10
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    Jonny10 polycounter lvl 4
    Version 2.0 is now available, which sees a wealth of improvements:

    – 3 new demo/example scenes: Island, lake and pond.
    – 4 water VFX assets
    – New Mobile uber shader (up to ~37% faster)
    – Orthographic camera support
    – Lighting modes (Unlit/Basic/Advanced)
    – Vertex painting support for intersection and opacity
    – Support for Single-Pass Stereo rendering
    – Reflection blurring
    – Tiling deduction toggle (Desktop only)
    – Color gradient feature (Desktop only)
    – Additional waves layer toggle, for improved wave animations
    – Surface highlight and Intersection distortion parameters
    – Custom heightmap option

    – Inspector UX improvements, sections now function as an accordion
    – Tiling is now separated for each feature (Normals/Waves/Intersection/Foam)
    – “Surface highlights” is now called “Foam” for clarity
    – Depth and Intersection maximum value ranges have been increased
    – Desktop shader no longer uses tessellation, for wider compatibility
    – Compressed textures option now automatically bakes textures when value is changed
    – Increased UV size of included meshes to be more in line with World-space tiling
    – Wave direction now also allows negative values
    – “Custom” toggles for intersection and waves is now a dropdown menu option

    – Old demo scene and related assets
    – Mobile Advanced and Mobile Basic shaders

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