3D Character Art Mentorship WIP Thread

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For the next month I'm running a small character art mentorship program for six people who signed up a few weeks ago. The goal of the program is to get people into a production-oriented mindset, use the same tools and techniques that AAA game developers use, and produce a complete current-gen character based on existing concept art.

In this thread, those six people will be posting their WIP images over the course of the month and talking a little about the process and decisions they're making.

The current program members are:

Erick Olson

Jimmy McCafferty

Kyle Bowman

Omar Hesham

Rosario Laso

Sebastian Duran

And here are the concepts they've chosen to model over the next month:

Tau Fire Warrior

Kanefer by Olivier Heban

Cyber candy - Flying piggyback by Gui Guimaraes

Warrior 13 by Chabe Escalante

The SteamPunk Samurai by Edu Herrera

Cyphers. Eagle by Kang Joo Sung

I'm excited to see what these guys produce, and it's going to be great to help them in any way I can to produce what I know will be some fantastic work!


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