Black Temple [WIP]

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Hey! I have been working on a fan art piece inspired by Blizzard's concept art for the Black Temple. I'm not making an exact replica of the Black Temple; I was just using the concept art as a starting point. I modeled it out and took some liberties with the color palette, shapes and textures. 

My goals for this project:
  1. Create a small scene and finish it! 
  2. Learn a new workflow
  3. Learn Zbrush
  4. Have fun with it :)

So far I have achieved 2-4. I tried a new workflow based off of a Cubebrush tutorial - 3D Hand-painted Character for Games. I've learned how to use Zbrush for creating high poly bakes and TopoGun. 

Concept by Blizzard:

My workflow for this project so far has been: Blockout scene in Maya > Import into Zbrush and create high poly meshes > Clean up low poly meshes in Maya and Topogun > Bake maps in Maya > Setup textures in Photoshop > Create grayscale texture maps in 3D Coat >  Create gradient maps in Photoshop 

I toyed with the gradient maps until I was happy with my color palette. Here is my progress so far.. (rendered in Marmoset). I also started to go into the details too soon on the textures which is something I battle with. >.<

My next step is start refining my textures. I'll be adding more fel too. :D

Comments and critiques are welcome. :)


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