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I decided to give this contest a whirl and give it my all. I'm mainly going to be using zbrush/maya/substancepainter for my workflow. I will check out some of reallusion's stuff and see if it can help me down the line. Here is a concept I came up with. 

I haven't came up with a name for her, but she is somewhat of a Dark/Necro Monk. Growing up she was a happy girl and became a well known monk around the village. But then she disappeared one day. Decades passed by and the people believed she had died or was killed. Then one night she returned but something was different. 

If only the people knew the truth. On the outside she smiled and helped others before she vanished but since birth she had witnessed and been put through horrible acts and things by evil and twisted men and women. Some say that she died from blood lost and dramatic damage done to her body but was revived by a witch doctor as a slave. But her soul could not be controlled. The anger, spite, and thirst for vengeance could not be controlled. She learned from the witch doctor and with much resentment did his bidding and fulfilled whatever twisted desires he had until she had learned enough and ended his pathetic existence. 

She begins her search for those who put her through a living hell and will give them a fate worse than hell itself. And if they are dead, she will torture their family instead. Evil doesn't die with just one member, it grows like a weed into their offspring. 

"Will I ever be the same? No. Will I be justified for this? I don't care.......You can call me a witch, demon, revenant, doesn't matter.....because it won't change what I am going to do to you."


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