[PAID] Looking for a UI/UX Artist for UI and logo work for fantasy-style game

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Looking for a UI/UX Artist for fantasy-style game

We're building a game for which we have an immediate need for UI/UX design and asset creation as well as a game logo with a full color background. The look of the existing UI will need to be matched.

Scene Work
  • Battle scene. This scene is fairly complex but is already about 70% complete. Here is an example of what it looks like right now. This scene will involve UI and UX work.
  • Login scene. This is a very basic scene with a few controls and will be mostly made up of the game logo and logo background. This will just be UI work as the UX is settled.
  • Manage teams scene. This is a moderately complex scene that hasn't been started and will involve UI and UX work.
  • Manage team scene. This is a complex scene that hasn't been started and will involve UI and UX work.
the last two on that list aren't duplicates. One is "Manage Teams" and one is "Manage Team", they have very different purposes, but similar names.

Please note also that scene does not mean screen. I think all of these only have one view in each scene but it's possible there is the need for more than one screen per scene.

We're offering $800 total for the work plus 1% of the game's revenue over 1 year.

The Look

The UI work has already been started and any new work needs to match existing art work. If the applicant feels strongly about replacing a particular asset that's something we're fine with but we're far enough along that we must match the existing style. In addition to the image above, here are a couple more images showing the UI look.

For the logo we're looking for something similar to that of Ori and the Blind Forest's logosafe_imagephpdAQBXfCIDvH9nKj9Murlhttps3A2F2Fi9ygdw-sn3302files1drvcom2Fy3pMc2tNrz5p0wqOT4PlrWdONhhUBAQ90mwyzgxLaBM5rb48rExSmDVIFnXKFQgWJ_1LajiLowYy9KYyW4UBtfsrHxmeUVkMcYsr8aMxsL_ikFQkR-7mTnROnM-wVyX_G8WZugChYJfT2O75ARTL3xZMY3dZvNWf7DUmroN5KomWgU2Fsssgif3Fpsid3D1extgif


The game is in Unity 5.

Relaxed Environment

We're really easy going and easy to work with and only want to bring on other people that are as well. We don't apply deadlines to you, we'll work out a timeline we're both happy with before we sign anything and that will be the timeline we expect the work done in.

We want to work with people willing to rework and change things that don't look right or won't work stylistically. Please only PM us if you're easy to work with and are more interested in getting it right, than getting through it.

More about the game:



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