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Hello all!

I've decided to work on an entry for this contest. It sounds like a super fun opportunity to explore some new technology and reinvigorate me to create a fun new character!

I've been working on a concept over the past few days (must improve my 2D!) and am wanting to take the character in this direction:

A fierce brawler-type character with an outfit consisting of some time-period mix of medieval armor and... 40s fashion? I want to give her an androgynous appearance, a slightly bulky physique (think Nadine from Uncharted 4... ugh she's awesome...) with feminine but a bit rough facial features and short hair. 
Things definitely may change during the ZBrush phase depending on how things are looking!

I think I'll be spending the weekend exploring Character Creator and see what kind of base mesh I can get out of it, then move on to ZBrush where I think I will be live streaming my process.

Thanks for looking.


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