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Kobbart polycounter lvl 4
Hello everyone, going to start to develop the character. 
Starting the pre-production process. Main theme would be combining the Mystic(shaman, sorcerer, wizard and etc.) and Rogue character type( mostly elements similar to Hellsing, long pistol). Character would be in Modern environment, art style would be maybe in fusion with realistic and game MMORPG art style.

Software i will use:
iClone Character Creator
3ds Max
Substance Painter
Adobe Photoshop

At this time my pipeline would be.
*1. Use CC to make the base body
*2. Optimize the base body in Zbrush
*3. Extract Clothes and Segments in Zbrush
4. Individually develop main assets (pistol, mask, skull).
5. Develop and Pose high poly mesh.
6. Retopology
7. Bake and Paint.
8. Rigging
7. Animation 


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