Animations I made from Prodigy

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Haryas polycounter lvl 3
Hi everyone !

     I would like to show you some animations I made for the game Prodigy (Hanakai Studio).
Don't hesitate to tell me your critics / feedbacks :)

Thanks for watching, and have a nice day ! :smiley:

Edit: I replace Gifs rather than videos ;)


  • kaspar
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    kaspar polycounter lvl 2
    I really love the first (ears movements make it more believable) and the second.
    The hair strand on her left movement can be improved because it's not fluid as it's supposed to be.

    Something looks not so good in the third one and I'm pretty sure it's something about the movement transition of the legs from running to attack.. also I'm not sure the camera bouncing at same rythm of the steps helps..

     Anyway I'm not an animator (not yet) so I may be wrong 

    Don't get me wrong I think the overall quality is really nice! (I just want to try to give you constructive feedbacks)
  • Haryas
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    Haryas polycounter lvl 3
    Thank you very much for the feedback Kaspar ! I take this into account to improve my futures animations ;) 

    I take the advantage of this post to show more animations I have done in this game. Yet, I still can't show you my full show reel because of the confidentiality but I am really impatient to show you and get your critics ! 

    As always, please give me your opinion of those animations.

    (There is something on the bottom of the dress due to the physics in Unreal, I am looking how to correct this ! )

    Thank you for watching !

  • _adamturnbull
    Hey @Haryas,

    Those look pretty nice! I noticed a couple of things on first viewing that may or may not be intentional:

    01 - This looks great but the loop seems to slow down a lot before looping again so its very easy to see where the start of the loop is. I'm guessing your curves just need tweaking so they don't flatten out near the end (this could just be the gif framerate)

    02 - This seems to have a lot of shaking, I'm assuming some of it was intentional but it looks quite extreme in parts and looks like the animation is popping. The head is the most noticeable.

    03 - This is nice, the only feedback I could give is the arc on the knife as it goes up could be smoother and maybe have some overlap on it like the way it hangs back for a second on the way down.

    Also, her head doesn't seem to move as she turns to her right so it looks a little bit like its disconnected from her body.

    Great stuff overall, my feedback is mostly just nit-picking :)
  • Haryas
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    Haryas polycounter lvl 3
    Thanks a lot adam for this feedback, I take this in account for my next animations.

    I have to admit for the second animation, the character was a real challenge for me. In his background, this creature has a malediction and became crazy. So, I tried to transcribe this with shakes like the nurses in the movie Silent Hill and it was quite difficult. ^^

    I will create a topic soon with new personal animations, I feel that I am missing something which could improve the animation :smile:

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