[DONE] Monster (that actually wasn't inspired by Stranger Things)

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jimsvanberg greentooth
It has been a long time coming, but it is finally done!
I know I have been bad at updating this thread with the work in progress. But since I have been working full time, then working on pixal art game Sportmatchen on my spare time and theeen when I had time over from those - I worked on this project. Not the best setup I can say in hindsight :P But at least it was fun to shift so drastically in styles and medium.

Even when I say it's done, I still welcome critique. I already have some things I want to fix. better blending with the mucus to mouth is one. But enough talk, here's the pictures. =D

Main shot!

From under...

This is my background story for this project:
The ambusher is an eyeless carnivorous creature that has nothing to do on your everyday space station. And yet here it is. It hunts with smell and a sonar-like sense. It mainly operates as a quadruped but rises to it's hind legs to show dominance and when it uses it's front claws to slash.

My goal with this project was to learn more about creating scenes from start to finish in Unreal. The scene is supposed to mimic what a game could look like. Inspiration came mainly from DOOM 2016. I learned soo much during the journey and I had a great time =)

Here's a bunch of just the environment.

And some solo shot of just the ambusher:

Here's the props the environment is built out of. I tried to keep it to a minimum since the monster was supposed to be the focus.

Thanks for watching folks =) And like I said, any feedback or questions are always welcome

So I've been having this finished sculpt laying around that I haven't found the time to bake and give materials until now, on my summer vacation. I wanted to use it as a way to learn Substance Painter as well. So when I'm about halfway done a college tells me I might just wanna take a look at the monster in the series Stranger Things. So I do. And damn they are similar XD
Sure, mine is more of a frog and the inside of the mouth is pretty different, but yeah, still.

Here's some pics straight out of Painter. Still a wip mind you - feedback always appreciated!

I intend to put together a little sci-fi scene, just a few modular pieces that I can build it from. Then put it all together in Unreal. It's going to be some sort of space station were this thing has manage to get loose and wreck some havoc. I probably will give the monsters low poly a few more polys since the silhouette seems to break in some angles. And then I need to got some kick-ass sub surface scattering going to really make it justice =D.

I will update the progress on the whole scene here but I'm not sure when I can get that started. Fun stuff ^^


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