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How To Embed Images into Your Contest Post

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Here's a link to the Polycount page that has info on embedding images.  Scroll down on the linked page and find all the details.


  • ThePoetTrees
    Hi Team!

    Just FYI, some of us are still having problems posting images. e.g. my friend Wungun and I both managed in last year's contest okay, but this year it's a range of issues. 

    If I try to drag-n-drop images into my thread, the pic merely opens in another tab. Or if I try to post links from most image sights, the only thing that shows up in my thread is a link to the image on pinterest, imagr, my blog etc... it only works for me using images that have to be posted publicly on google+ or twitter first, which is how I am able to help share another issue that Wungun is having with his entry, as shown in this screenshot from a vid he made about it... Just FYI, in case anyone else is also having problems with images causing the message to be too long to post; 

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    Hey all.  I'm not sure what the issue is with the posts.  I've published the only info I have on posting images.  
    Please message: Admin r13 http://polycount.com/profile/r13 with any posting problems 
  • Anaximander
    How do you get the looking glass icon to show up next to your thread ?
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