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Marshkin polycounter lvl 4
At the start of July, I came across a concept art by George Brad that I thought would be fun to do a speed model of.
Well, it's August and I'm still working on it! 
Concept can be found here


The floors, railings and pods have had their high poly models mostly done.
Everything else is still at the basic block in stage (hence the seams with the walls).

Any early feedback would be appreciated! 


  • Marshkin
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    Marshkin polycounter lvl 4
    So I went and worked on the walls and ceiling next. Got some lights in and, but when I rendered it with V-ray, all of a sudden everything was dark and grainy.

    Turns out my new lights were blocking my rectangular lights. Whoops! 
    Thanks to a tutorial suggesting that I set up render elements, I was able to debug what was causing my issue (lighting) and solve it pretty quick.

    That's better. These renders take a long time, but I'm really finding them helpful when identifying issues. 

    It highlights a few things I want to fix with the high poly before moving on to do the back panel and fans. 
    1 - The air vents do not read very well in the render. I'm going to open them up a little in the hopes that it provides enough contracts so you can seem them better. If that doesn't do it, I may need to wait until I texture them to see if that helps.
    2 - I'm really not sold on the piping. It looks too thick and you can't read the joints
    3 - The panel isn't reading at this distance. I'm going to push it foward a bit
    4 - These monitors look really bad. I thought the ones in the concept art were to subtle but these look fake, so I'm going to delete them and try again. I made the monitors one piece with the wall, which in hindsight, was a mistaken. In the future they'll be separate pieces which sit on top of each other.

    Do you guys see anything else that might be improved?
  • aceofspades230
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    aceofspades230 polycounter lvl 5
    My only question is are you going for clean and new or old and rusty?
  • Marshkin
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    Marshkin polycounter lvl 4
    That's a good question! I've been waffling between going for a clean sterile look or go for a more used look like in the concept. 
    I'm going to texture the rails tonight with two variants and let that help me decide. 
  • Marshkin
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    Marshkin polycounter lvl 4
    Minor update for tonight. I went and textured the rails.
    A few things didn't quite translate between programs. Within Quixel the dirt near the feet is more prominent whereas the wear all around is more subtle. I've noticed in general that my materials read very differently between Quxiel and Vray. 

    Todo: Fix  up the rail materials for the metal. Next up I'm cleaning up the geo on the floor and texturing it as well. 
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