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Garrison - Battle Chasers fan art/ Hand painted

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Nomad33 greentooth

Hi guys,

After my work on Varian Wrynn ( https://www.artstation.com/artwork/BVPAr ) I decided to work again on the hand paint textures.. I really want to improve myself so I started to work on Garrison from Battle Chasers.
I'm a big fan of Joe Madureira so I'll try to do my best on this project.
I'll use 3ds Max, 3D coat (for the first time) and Photoshop. Any critics are welcome, as I said, I want to improve myself on this style.

I finished the model and the uvs..

Now I'll start to work on the textures with 3D Coat :) I hope you'll like it guys !
Cheers !


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