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Reallusion Character Design - ToKoMotion


Hi Folks!

My name is Tobias aka ToKoMotion and I'm really a huge fan of RL's Character Creator and it's great to see that RL launched this character design competition now. I've finally decided to join the contest as I think it will be a lot of fun and the prizes are also very attractive;). 

I've already created some custom CC character morph packages that are also available in RL's Content Store. One of my next packages will include some stylized Creatures and Monsters and as I was looking for some inspirations, I got caught by one of my favourite artists, AARON BLAISE. 

He is always a great Inspiration and I especially love his "Cloud Creatures Fun" stuff and thought it would be nice idea if I try to bring some of his "magic" into CC. So I chose this pic to work as a creative input:


I hope I will be able to adapt this guy (or at least parts of him) for CC and I can't wait to see the result animated in iClone=). I will try to post as much WIP stuff here as possible.

Looking forward to see all your creations come to life and would be glad to get in touch with you - so feel free to leave comments.

See you around and good luck to you all!


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