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Hi guys! I got the incredible chance to join in on Mr Almighty Gir's / Lee Devonald's Summer Character workshop.
The next 6 weeks we're gonna go over the whole process of creating a character - from sculpt to texture all the way to Unreal - and I'm going to share my process in this thread.

Yesterday we started off with picking a subject out of the concepts we had gathered. Thinking about color schemes, silhouettes, dynamic pose/postures, material definitions, etc I made a decision.

I wanted to do one of the Marco Polo characters for a while, but since their outfits are either very plain or very complex (hundred eyes vs chabi for example) I decided to go in a totally different direction. Lee also reminded us that the type of characters we have on our portfolio will be the type of characters we'll get commissions for.

With all of this in mind, I went for one of the super cool cuties of MeoMai / Jessica Madorran.
Check out the loads of awesome work she has made: 

I started breaking down the concept to understand better what I'd be up against in the coming weeks.

I'll be looking at Rapunzel from Tangled for the material definition of the dress and skin, other areas were clarified where the illustration wasn't clear enough to start modeling. 

Since the illustration is cut off at the legs I had to make an educated guess on how tall she should be.
For the shoes I tried to find a good match for the outfit and style. Since there are quite some bows present in the piece, I figured it would work well on the shoes as well. This might be reconsidered once I have a model to test it on, of course.

Next up will be blocking out the big shapes!
C&C always welcome!



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