Summer Character Workshop - Most High Ceoptra

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Hey Polycount! I'm honored and lucky to be part of Lee Devonald's @almighty_gir Summer Character Workshop! A few of us are starting a thread on the forums so you guys can view/learn/rip apart our processes as we go along.
Check them out here:

Lee Devonald - Swordswoman
Tom Lishman - Nemesis Demon
Sanna Kempe - Swordmaster
Shana Vandercruysse - The Baker
Nathan Ramsey - Illaoi Fanart
Stevie Cole - Neko-mancer

It's going to be an awesome learning experience for us and hopefully for you guys as well. :)

So on to the nitty-gritty, I've decided on doing this one:

-Most High Ceoptra from the Pathfinder Card Game by Eric Belisle

The concept has everything I find enjoyable in a design: clean and elegant with the right amount of appeal. Something about it just feels solid and would look great taken into 3D.

That said, our first session was to take the concept and break it down into real world materials. I've decided to do a semi-stylized look with realistic rendering; It would probably suit the concept best.

Next is sketching up the ambiguous aspects in the design. I don't think it would be that difficult given that the concept does a great job at defining it's elements. The biggest thing here I guess is the ornamental designs on her accessories.

Some notes that I may have to address later on:
  • The damn fur - The fur appears to be superficial so I'm not sure if I will be needing hair cards or just plain ol' normals to define the fur so I might need help on that. (Hi Lee! :P)
  • Hair - I have a set plan on tackling the hair. A good example is on Overwatch's Symmetra, that hair has a nice blend of sculpted hair and poly cards that could really suit this character.
  • The tail is absurdly long, I don't know if it will look that good in 3D but I've seen sculpts of this character with the same tail length so it should be fine.


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