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[WIP] Enlighten Contest - Cold Morning

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J null
Hi every one !

When i discovered this contest i was so exited and i fanally manage to accord some time to it.
I choose " Cold Morning " as theme to have contrast in my scene with snow in the desert.
This allow me to bring a cold mood to the entire scene .
The morning light is here to bring warm tone in the picture.

After the choice of my theme i choose to entire clean the scene ( not that it was a mess but to start from zero ^^ ) .
So i remove all the scripted sun, sky, dynamique travelling light...

Then i choose my point of view.
I wanted there to be as different as possible so i choose one which look to the outside, one which look the center of the structure and one who is lost in the darkness of the downstairs.

One of my reference is the photography of some pananorama in " The Revenant ".
Some screen like this one :

So i just post you one pics of my currently WIP :

I'm still trying to choose if i should add darkness to my image or more blue but it will come ...


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