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ThePoetTrees vertex
Hey wow, I was 1st into the Competition - Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead - hahaha

Note to Self: How to Imbed Pics = Click Here  (See Page 1)



  • ThePoetTrees

    Stage 1: Download and install everything.

    About Me:

    I've never modelled a 3D character from scratch before, and never done any facial rigging, so I'm really keen to try this new Character Creation Tool, but first I need to learn 5 new aps, as listed on my blackboard below... 

    Main Challenge:

    My C drive is short on space and Hitfilm keeps crashing,
    so I've still got a bugs to solve before I'm ready to get started. 

    Project Concept: Mythology meets Mystery... 

    I was thinking maybe some kind of squad of supernatural assassins with aspects of futuristic technology, 
    but my creative style is organic, so my characters grow best while I'm playing with them. 
    Having no idea what kind of skills I'd be able to learn to begin with also means that my concept notes are even more vague than usual, haha; 

    ... so obviously this week shall be a steep learning curve. Haha
  • ThePoetTrees

    Friday's Update:

    A busy week at work, so I'm still working on Dot-Point 2 on my to-do list above by; 

    a)  attending the live webinar by Reallusion yesterday, which was great!

    and b) still working through the helpful tutorials by RL over HERE

    Note to Self; To insert an image in this forum whenever drag-n-drop isn't working: post it on twitter first, then click the website link icon, delete https and insert the cut-n-paste image link address from twitter. :awesome:

    Oooh! Oooh! And I also just found all the free body templates to help make our own clothes in CC. 
  • ThePoetTrees

    1st Goal: A female, Supernatural, Fantasy character with aspects of Sci-Fi

    Okay, this is only my second day with character creator but I have to say I'm blown away.
    No previous experience modelling avatars from scratch, so I had only the vaguest idea about the look I wanted to achieve.
    I'm hoping to make a full set of Techno-Elementals - a mix of male and female - for the elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire

    No idea where to start, so I just jumped right in, and here's what I learned and achieved last night using the RL tutorials (in the link in my previous post);

    * how to morph a standard female body to be a little more toon style - leaning towards anime.
    * modify the clothes using photoshop
    * modify hair and shoes, also in photoshop.  
    * and by using character creator, she's already fully rigged for facial animation and lipsyncs

    Still to do: skirt, boots (or leggings), makeup, skin, icy tattoos, fingernails and her subtle little techno-gadget sci-fi things.  

    Note: I haven't tried any advanced tools for cloth layering yet. This is all just from changing diffuse maps in photoshop. 

    I haven't used any of the stylised freebies from Reallusion in this model either - although it's really very tempting because they do make her look *much* more stylized than shown here - but I want to see how unique I can be by myself first, starting from scratch... and I came up with these opacities which are also helping to shape what I have in mind for my Air Elemental...  

    About halfway done, after only 1 night... 

  • ThePoetTrees

    Day 2: Custom Skin & Makeup in CC & Photoshop

    Can't forget the tongue for my little icy air nympn...

    Adding some home made blue tattoos in photoshop with a bump map for the little dots of gold highlights... not the same as my goal of creating some cool cranial ridges, but this little Princess wasn't about to give up her crown for anybody, and there wasn't much room for both, hahaha... 

    Also time on Day 2 for animating the Diffuse Maps, Opacity and Physics for her "clothes" to help soften and liven up her cloudy nature as an Air Elemental; 

    Final touches; adjustable transparency. She is an air nymph after all, so if she's got any future at all in computer games, then one of her skills needs to be the ability to dissolve into thin air.  Hahaha

    And she's done; My first fully original, fully rigged game character, and in only 2 days thanks to Reallusion's Character Creator. 

    Now to try a test animation... 

  • ThePoetTrees


    First Animation Test 

    ... tells me she needs a little more bounce and jiggle in her chest, and maybe a few more bumps and ridges on her face, as well as some bigger ones - maybe a few blunt spines and ribbons down her back and shoulders... 


  • ThePoetTrees
    TOTAL WORKING TIME; UNDER 3 HOURS, thanks to iC6, CC & Photoshop. 

    Time includes creating the character in Character Creator
    + time to create the scene, lighting, motion, physics and rendering the animation in iClone 6. 
    Does not include time needed to create and update this blog. 

    Please note; I finished this entry way back on the 12th of August, as shown above, but due to illness and other work obligations, I didn't learn about the special upload page until I checked in late on the closing day. So I do hope that my application managed to make it in on time. 

    Please Accept my Entry into the following Categories;
    * Best use of iClone
    * Best use of Character Creator

    With thanks to the sponsors for this great opportunity,
    and with thanks also to the feast of other competitors for your awesome inspiration and forum threads!
    You're all so amazing! I don't envy the judges in your categories at all! lol 
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