VR hardware interface projects

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AlecMoody polycounter
I wanted to start a thread for people to share their VR hardware/interface projects in.

Personally, I am into motorsports so the idea of a better racing sim experience is what initially interested me in VR. I bought a DK2 when those first went on sale, tested it out for sim racing, and found the resolution didn't allow me to see far enough into the distance to drive effectively. About a month ago I got a CV1 and I can finally see where I am going. VR gives an accurate sense of speed/scale and allows you to build good habits with looking where you want the car to go. After getting my CV1 and deciding it was good enough for my needs, I doubled down and started building a new sim rig for my office:

Early sketch:

Figuring out how to bend 12 gauge steel with hand tools and clamps:


Some simple CV1 camera mounts I designed. The idea is that I can quickly unsnap the tracking camera from the wall and take it back to my desk for other uses.

In my office closet:

Now that I have this all working, I can see how much of a pain in the ass it is to drag my keyboard and mouse over, then attempt to use them to navigate menus. I don't need precise mouse control, just something crude to operate menus when not driving. My next project is going to be designing a button plate for the steering wheel with some kind of mini joystick mapped to mouse functionality and enough buttons to operate other functions.


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