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ZEM Visor + style question

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DarkDes polycounter lvl 6
Hello everybody!

After creating one item I had the idea to make styles.

Item in workshop - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=726961167

I would like to ask how to do it in my case?
"Hat" for all classes, and paintable - for each class a separate model.

Sorry for bad English.


  • Baddcog
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    Baddcog polycounter lvl 9
    Yeah you need to rig it to each character, but when uploading it has buttons to choose class, then you pick the right model. (You can upload all classes as one item).

     There's a tut for paint if you look. I'm too lazy :dizzy:
     But the painted part of your texture should just be the plain ao bake in your texture. The game overlays rgb colors to change them.
     When importing you specify the rgb values for the start colors. paint cans just change that number.

     I think (been a bit) the alpha of your diffuse is for the paint area.

    The uploader/compiler (which you obviously used) has checkboxes for everything.
  • Baddcog
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    Baddcog polycounter lvl 9
     Looks cool btw, but I think it could use edge wear/highlights.
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