[UE4] Medieval Courtyard - The Witcher 3 Fan Art

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Hey guys!

I found this concept from The Witcher 3 and I really like it. I think it looks more intresting and has better composition that my previous project. Also it has cool gothic modular pieces and vegetation, which I never create before. And I want to play with this water particles for the fountain and animation for flags and vegetation.

So, my goals for this project:
  • Learn more about trim texturing
  • Learn how create plants
  • To practice with Master Material and Vertex Painting
  • Create water material and particles
  • More practice with Substance Painter/Designer and Unreal Engine 4
  • Create an awesome environment
  • Get a job :)

Fast paintover:


I really want to work in the industry, so I need proofs of my skills such as a good environment project in my portfolio, and I will try to do best I can. Hope you help me :)


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