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Tech Art Aid video tutorials - UE4, shaders, proceduralism etc.

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Recently I started recording tutorials for technical artists. Advanced topics will follow soon but I think that basic "bulding blocks" of tech art are important too ;]


Project files: https://gumroad.com/techartaid

Watch the videos, ask, criticize.
I want the channel to be a reliable information source, not just a super gfx trick collection, so don't hesitate to comment from your experience.
For example: why in hell did you use the crippled Round function while you could do floor(x+0.5)!!1 ;D
...that's a good comment, I appreciate that.

I'll post updates here too. I recommend subscribing though, if you want to see what inspiring videos I liked. There's a ton of good stuff to watch on YouTube every week.
I'm glad to see more and more people being interested in procedural methods for last 3 years or so. If you wanted to use such stuff in your art, get this big scale, high editability - but were scared of programmer blogs - then hopefully this channel will be a handy source of info!


UE4: Detailed Texture Blending with HeightLerp and Vertex Painting

UE4: Stylized colors using gradient mapping

UE4: Stealth Invisibility Effect (With Distortion)

UE4: How to fix translucent materials (dithered opacity)


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