Metal Gear Solid 1 - Snake and Liquid

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Hey everyone!

I've started up a couple projects as of late but have been particularly drawn to focusing on this one. For one reason or another I've gotten sucked back into the world of Metal Gear. There is just nothing like a Kojima game. 

So I decided to do a Metal Gear fan art. i didn't really know who I was going to do or how for a while. I decided on making Snake but I didn't just want to remake the game version, especially when we already have modern up to dates versions of Snake. After some research I rediscovered and became instantly drawn to the illustrations Yoji Shinkawa has made for the series, in particular the drawings for MGS1.

Stuff like this.

I just really dig the energy in these and I think they even show off a slightly different design of Solid Snake than we have ever gotten. Snake in these feels more slim and agile, the silhouette is sleeker aside from those awesome chest/shoulder pads. On top of that, Snakes face is more like the slim/boney one we see in the codec calls in MGS1 (also no facial hair yet). 

Next was how I wanted to approach this stylistically (modeling and texturing) and that's where this thing comes in.

I stumbled upon these and other than really wanting to buy them, really liked the idea of this composition. This also proved to me that the Yoji Shinkawa styled Snake looks awesome in three dimensions.

Long story short, the plan is to make Solid and Liquid from the same base mesh (seeing as they are twins), modeling them in this slimmer/slightly more stylized way, and then making one set of textures realistic and one set like an alt skin in Yoji Shinkawa's style. 

A lot of work but I think it's going to be hella fun.


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