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[UE4] Office Lounge (Rainbow Six Siege Inspired Scene)

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garcellano greentooth
Update 2/13/2017:


So, I've been working on a scene inspired by Rainbow Six Siege for a while, and posted updates on it on my sketchbook thread, but it's at a point to make a thread for it. It's based off of an image I found online of an office lounge. I did a quick paint over on the image just to get an idea of what it would look like in the game. Here's where I am now.

Here's my ref:

Planning to add in the bomb around that area.

Still getting familiar with Marvelous Designer for the carpet by the couch and the curtains by the reinforced walls. I changed the breached castle walls so that it's not shattered. I'll be taking another go at the wood floor. I'm using destructible meshes for the debris. At the moment, there's no dirt by the debris, more bullet holes, foot prints on the floor, burnt spots from breached areas. Planning to add those through mainly decals later, along with adding in the props from the ref and possibly more to surround the open areas.


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