HULK Smash!

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Edgar T greentooth
Ey guys,

I started this project from Comicon Challenge 2016, but since the topic for this year didn't convince me at all and after some problems with the challenge, I decided to quit and make a superhero without following the rules.

I decided to do a bit stylized Hulk inspired on The Avengers and I'm right now finishing the bakin process.

You can see the sculpt process here:

And here the baking game-res with the normal maps and AO applied. The tri-count is around 14k and that's really nice since I'm maintaining the entire body under the pants to play a bit with the alphas on the jeans.

So... the next step will be the creation of the hair and the eyebrows ( planes with alphas and a lot of patience and creativity :) ), then I will jump on the texturing process.

As always, crits and comments are really welcome!

Hope you enjoy :)


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