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Overwatch Fan Art - Tracer

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GeorgeCrudo interpolator
UPDATED VERSION: Here's the most recent updated version :)
High Res:

Check the Artstation page to see all the final renders :) 

Low Res:

Original Post -

Hey guys!
I wanted to share with you my Overwatch fan art :)

I created Tracer entirely in Zbrush. She's super high poly at the moment but I'm planning to do retopology, UV Mapping and reprojecting the details back down.

I would really love all critiques as well as advice for what you guys would recommend for retopologizing from a high res mesh in Zbrush. I'm not too familiar with the best approaches when starting with a high res Zbrush sculpt. I spent tonight fiddling with Zremesher, the Topology Brush, and ZModeler. I also considered popping open Maya as well. I was curious what you guys would recommend.


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