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Many Arms UE4 Project

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Goeddy greentooth

Hello polycounting people!

i've been working on this character for some time now and i am at a point where im not 100% percent shure in wich direction to proceed.
I am pretty much done with the highpoly. I'll bring her into unreal, build a little hill with some grass on it, simple rig, try out apex cloth and then a lot of shader work.
im going for kinda realistic but still stylish.
anyhow i want to focus on whats important for the result and ignore everything that slows me down on the way there, so expect some nasty zremesher lowpoly and lazy skinning.

her background is that she is on a comming of age quest to kill a dragon. she succeeded and therefore will be a bit roughed up. the dragons in her world spew acid instead of fire so she will have some marks of that on her clothing and her sword.

i would appriciate any kind of feedback, critique or advice.
still need to come up with a name...

heres what i got so far:


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