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[Final] Enlighten Contest "Serenity Now"- by Bryan Meadows

***First Post***

I was so inspired by this contest not only for the prizes but also for the extra experience with enlighten so I quickly got everything ready and also newly joined the Polycount group and I am happy and pleased to be here.
Currently I am cleaning up the scene and preparing it for a few ideas.

I am focused on going for a serene peaceful scene feel like a Japanese garden...(I really like this water shot to bring out calm and shadows/lighting)

 but mixed with a science fictioni ambience coupled with aging and the stillness of the passing of long periods of time.

 As long as I am allowed to duplicate some vines within the rules which should be okay, then this might be a beautiful little scene setting. Making this scene glow and watching it come to life is going to be fun.

More screens will drop as progress continues. Thanks for following along.
If you have any ideas or thoughts please share them!


  • SkywayInteract
    ****Second Post****
    The idea for the art/story has evolved...
    This serene Japanese garden is also a shrine in celebration of the cosmos.
    On each yearly equatorial alignment the light from the sun's rays aligns perfectly with the towers and the center pyramid.

    I also have been playing with some substance materials to show the garden going from pristine to dilapidated over time with the series of images.

    Enlighten is mind-blowingly beautiful. Light probes nicely light the textures and vines along with real-time spot lights. The vines shadows and lighting is being experimented with to find some nice shots.

    The experiments continue next time..
  • garcellano
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    garcellano greentooth
    Nice take on having the vines by the pyramid. The scene in daylight reminded me of the movie The Cell for some reason.
  • SkywayInteract
    Thank you Anthony. It's nice comments like that, that really helps to create better art.
  • SkywayInteract
    ****Third Post****

    The more I get into this contest the more I feel that "The Courtyard" is becoming a real place. And so I think its best to go in that photo-realistic direction fully even though the challenge is increased. Since last time I have concentrated more on tiny details by adding lighting for the pathways and steps. I plan to add some hand-rails as well to show more shadows and reflections which will be in next post.

    The combined images here are being used as a reference for emulate lighting behavior properly.
    From the images above I created a working area to test out some ideas. Here is a cool shot of the main entrance with step lights using bounce and shadows.

    And I'll just finish with a little eye candy.

    Find me, Bryan, on Twitter  and check out my game while you're there. See you next time.
  • SkywayInteract
    ****Post Four****
    Today I have been really focused on the fined tuned aspects of getting all the light settings just right as well as playing with post effects to get the right mood.
    I found this wonderful image online after search forever that gave me some insights and inspiration and motivation.

    The step are coming along nicely but I don't think I am done playing yet I am having too much fun.

    The lighting inside the distant pillar uses almost all bounced light and it brings out some nice beckoning gradients.

    The story is progressing well, maybe next time I will talk about that.
    Find me on Twitter  and check out my game while you're there.

  • SkywayInteract

    [Final Submission]

     "The Garden of Serenity" - by Bryan Meadows of Skyway Interactive.

    The Courtyard's Garden of Serenity is open year round from dawn till dusk to all visitors. Please feel free to enjoy the space, flowers and serene surroundings envisioned by founder Bryan Meadows. Be sure also to visit the gift shop open daily 10am to 4pm.

    The Garden of Serenity is nestled in a peaceful valley in the land of the local ancients. The garden aligns positive properties of the physical world in a sacred architectural arrangement based on the Geo-principals of beauty and solace. The symbol of the pyramid evokes the turning or awakening of the enlightened qualities of altruism and wisdom.

    The purpose of the Garden is to bring about positive transformation within those who visit, in response to the negativity that abounds in the world today. Elegantly adorned with native trees and flowers from many continents, it is hoped that the Garden of Serenity will instill lasting impressions of peacefulness and compassion to all that visit year round.

    Thank you all and be sure to stop by and say hi.
  • bent_vector
    You should have a picture of Kramer somewhere here!
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