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Pixelatedkiwi's hand-painted art thread

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Pixelatedkiwi interpolator
Hey Everyone, 
I decided to create a thread I can update with my personal hand painted stuff.  I've had few people ask about my work-flow and any painting tips/breakdowns I can give so I thought it'd be easy to keep it compact in one thread.

I'll try to update it with some wips as I go, feel free to jump in with any comments or questions too!

To kick it off, here's a shot of my last personal piece;

And the start of my next project below.  I really enjoyed making War so thought I'd make a new character, this time with my own ideas.  I'm going to be making a Paladin, cause I love Paladins :P and I'll try to keep updating with wips as I get time.

Still a little bit more modeling to do then I'll jump onto UVs.


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