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Hello everyone. We are a small group of students, who worked together to build a cool weapon for CS:GO weapon finish contest, themed in 70's and 80's sci-fi. It’s a wonderful theme and bring many memories on older gamers or 70’s and 80’s art admirers. So, first of all we would like to thank Valve and Polycount for bringing such a great contest. We really hope that by participating we can spread our visions, experience, art and the due respect to all the great artists, films, series and comics that inspired us.

We’d like to begin by showing you guys our thoughts on the 70’s art style, since it is the theme we like the most. If we look back at late 60’s we can see mankind making huge steps towards technological advancement. Many things were developed on that decade, like basic programming, LEDs, commercial satellites and of course there was the moon landing. Maybe this last one is of most importance, since it built the awaken of many feelings within men, feelings like advancement, conquest, power and “beyondness”. It was almost as if men thought he could reach the very deep of space and conquer it. Those feelings brought much imagination to artists from that time. It was like Pop Art culture developed into a colorful sci fi experience, where artist could test surreal visions of unreachable worlds in their drawings. 

As many may have guessed, most of our inspiration came from artists like Ralph McQuarrie, Brothers Hildebrandt and John Harris.


 Like many artists from the 70’s we imagined ourselves on the verge of a new era, an era full of possibilities. An era where we could reach the infinity, the depths of the darkest galaxy, just to unveil twilight landscapes where stars were astir, waving at us like a galactic city afar. After merging with this idea we draw many things, from the small and grotesque sketch to some good and meticulous drafts.

Finally, we must say, that we wrote all this just because we want you guys to feel the same way that we did. We really want you to feel like you are holding not just a weapon, but all the marvelous 70’s universe in your hands. We really tried not only to contemplate the chosen theme from the contest, but also to honor some of our favorites artists. We hope you guys like it!

Ingame Look

Let's give birth to this amazing journey. Best regards, our little team... :smile: 
Cássio Magnani 
Djalma Filho
Igor Oliveira,
João Campos
Rafael Abreu

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