ImpressObjects, new plugin for 3ds Max

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Malkalypse vertex
Any Max users out there might want to take a look at my new plugin, which allows two intersecting meshes to be pressed against one another so that their respective vertices do not overlap. (In simpler terms, it squishes them against each other.)

The free version of ImpressObjects can be downloaded here:

1) Use the "Select Node A" and "Select Node B" pickbuttons to choose two overlapping meshes.
2) Press the "Create Target" button to create a target helper. This determines the directions in which intersecting vertices will be moved.
3) Adjust the target helper as desired.
4) Click "Impress".

- Non-destructive to mesh topology
- Unlike boolean operations, ImpressObjects does not cut through the geometry, allowing the resulting meshes to be used in morph animations.

Fast and easy to use
- Select two nodes, create and position a target helper, and click a button for immediate results*
- If you don't like how it turned out, just hit undo, adjust the settings, and try again.
- ImpressObjects creates standard editable mesh objects that can be distributed, exported, or converted to other formats without hassle.

Set the comparative "hardness" of each mesh
- Two meshes may be used to impress upon each other equally, one entirely on the other, or anywhere in between.

Fine tune the intersection
- Control the manner in which the intersection is checked. Use a point, line, or plane to generate intersect reference coordinates.
- Decide how close your mesh surfaces are allowed to be using buffer objects. Increase the buffer values to prevent intersection of low poly geometry, or decrease them for a seamless fit.


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