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Jakub greentooth
Hello everyone, 

I am working on a character, so I thought I might create the topic for sharing some stuff and getting crit/ideas/fixes along the way. 

Main concept(by Eryc TSang):

I am doing a realistic version, but that concept serves as an overall idea about clothing. Check out the other works, they're spectacular! 


For this point I am done with the body proportions and HP for the body/face. In fact I already textured the head, as I felt like doing it more than sculpting during weekend. I know that it is going to be a separate mesh in the end, so I went for it.

My plan for this moment is to create all the meshes that I need to pose the character, like shoes, gloves, hat eyebrow/eyelashes cards. After the posing is done, I'll get the base for cloth in MD on already posed mesh to get better result. I know that normally, I'd finish character in A Pose, but I just want to skip the part where I have to fix folds because of pose change(I can't rig)

Hardsurface will be challenging for me, but I gotta learn it after all ;)

Thanks in advance guys!

Weaknesses that I can see atm:

- I did not work on eyes texture a lot, they're a big WIP
- Errors underneath the fat folds(eye), gotta fix them manually on normal map. 


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