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PC || CSGO - Deagle/PP-Bizon/ MP9 'Quadro' WIP

polycounter lvl 9
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Jesterofthesky polycounter lvl 9
Working up a design for the CSGO polycount comp, like everyone else here :)

I decided I'd give some of the simpler, pattern/triplanar based patterns a go, given that I don't have heaps of experience with these skins yet and it seems like the majority of people are working on the fancier, higher tier finishes.

My design so far is a simple, geometric design, originally based on the shapes and colour schemes of some props from the Original Star Wars, but also seen in some more contemporary works (see attached)

My current WIP finishes:

I'm not really sure whether I like the idea of a larger, more spread out pattern like the deagle in the bottom right or a more flexible, freely rotating pattern like the other samples. Colors are also currently based around the original inspiration (and kept muted to suit the lower-tier grade of the design), but I'm eager to hear opinions on what might work better. I have also been tossing up the  idea of adding another detail layer between the panels (where it's currently just black).

One issue with freely rotating the design is that there are sometimes some weird artifacts on the corners where the top/side projections meet and parts of the texture no longer line up. Unsure of what to do with that yet.


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