[UE4] Cemetery At Sea (Concept by Graven Tung)

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After doing a few speed environments for a client of mine I've picked up a lot of new techniques and also a lot more knowledge about working with UE4...

So I apologize for scrapping previous environments I swore to myself I'd do but after much consideration and concept digging I've found something I can see myself dedicating my time to.

I found this lovely concept by Graven Tung (Website here)  and will be building this within UE4.

I will be working somewhat modular in the aspect of stair ways, pillars, few platforms, rocks etc... but the few unique assets within this piece would be the central platform with the sword in it, few of the platforms extruding from the ground for some intricacy to break up repetition and possibly the ship in the background (don't quote me because there's a good chance I'll make the ship modular for better background population.

Stay tuned.

As for the previous work I've been working on recently please visit my Artstation if you're interested. (HERE)
It's 3 separate environments based on the Kowloon Walled City.

I really wanted to work with something more organic / Zbrush orientated as I've spent much time building geometry sitting on 45-90 degree angles which has gotten a little repetitive recently.

This is my initial block out and will be moving into detailing once all blocking out is properly done / viewed within UE4.



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