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Chemical Alia polycounter lvl 7

Fun Fact #1: My mom came up with both my first and middle names (Shaylyn Alia) after reading sci-fi books (The Mirror and the Dune series)!

Fun Fact #2: Alia in Dune was known as “The Abomination”! :open_mouth:

Update with final image:httpiimgurcom6WWjQa8jpg

Off to a late start, but the contest will have my full time attention until the deadline, and I've been really excited for this!
I want to go very 70s with my theme.  Less cinema influences and more the novels I read growing up.  The aspects of 70s scifi that I enjoy and would like to focus on with this skin are the abstraction and mystery.  The way people thought about sci-fi back then, rather than just looking back on it. 


Here's some reference for inspiration:


Originally, I had started an AK-47 and was going more generic 70/80's spaceship type stuff with it some cyborg/anatomical elements that  Drysocket and I were planning on doing some metallic material work with.  I absolutely hated this direction and felt that it was too expected, bland and there's a lot of cool skins that go the futuristic scifi/military route already in the game.  I also found that it lacked the visual interest for a covert skin and the surface areas weren't really suited to fixing that problem. 

So I've switched to the M4, which has a lot of angles and curves that complimented the general shapes I was going for, and I was able to get a much more coherent composition out of the gun that flowed throughout the entire form.  I started messing around with the eyes, and then the decorative etching stuff, and immediately
started drawing this more abstract design, which I am about 100x more excited about!


The M4 is classified for this contest, and I think that the limited color palettes you see a lot in novel covers will work very well for that.  I don't want to add any larger areas of visual detail or huge focal points as I don't want it to feel like it's getting into super-rare territory, but I intend to go for a hand-painted look.

I'll be working on the color block-out next before starting to paint.  I like to do a secondary unwrap that allows for really nice projecting of the image onto the final UVs, and I'll show the progress of that when I get there. 

That's all for now!


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