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almighty_gir polycounter
Hi guys,

I've been lecturing once a week at a university since october last year, and i've found that i've really enjoyed teaching. And i decided i wanted to try to do something a little more focused and intimate than the generalities of game art.

And i remembered that one of the things that gave me the biggest boost, was having @Hazardous mentor me for a few weeks on his "Create A Girl" course with some other amazing artists.

With that in mind, i've decided that i'd like to run a 6 week character workshop starting 25th July, for 3 to 6 people!

There are some minimum requirements i expect of people who are interested:
  • You should already know your way around max/maya/modo/zbrush etc. While i'm not going to tell you what software to use, i'm more interested in teaching technique than holding your hand through learning how to use a piece of software.
  • You should already have a portfolio site. I will need to review applicants and see who i think would benefit most from being part of this project. Your portfolio doesn't have to be amazing, it just needs to be present.
  • You should have a strong drive and desire to succeed! There isn't room for this course to over-run, and 6 weeks is plenty of time to make a single character.
  • You need to be able to make time for the workshop, because while the workshop is free (i won't charge anyone for it) my time is certainly not up for being wasted. There is a minimum expectation of time dedicated each week.
  • You should be comfortable using google hangouts, have a headset/microphone, and be happy to have your work posted all over the interwebs. While i think i have a lot to offer as a mentor, there is nothing better than using/abusing polycount and other communities to get feedback.
What the workshop will generally cover:
  • Picking a concept and analysing it, pre-preparation to the actual modeling step.
  • Creating a rough base in your sculpting app of choice.
  • Retopoing to form a solid low poly mesh.
  • UV's and best practices.
  • Texturing (i will be using substance tools, you're free to use what you like).
  • Pre-visualisation of your model throughout the process (i will be using Toolbag2).
  • Final renders and composition in Unreal Engine 4.

What it won't cover:
  • Rigging - i don't do that. find a friend.
  • How to find x tool in y software.
  • Kittens, and how to huff them - you're an artist with at least a little experience, if you haven't learned how to huff kittens by now, i'm not sure i can help you.

Applications are now closed, I'll let everyone know shortly who's in =]


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