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PC-CSGO - Desert Eagle - Blazer Canon (final)

While Logan's Run, Blade Runner, and Back to the Future are some of my all time favorite movies, let alone 70s/80s sci-fi ones, I decided I didn't really wanna base my skin off anything specific to avoid any kind of infringement. What I decided to make was something along the lines of "super advanced tech that works through unexplained science" kind of sci-fi. This is my first ever attempt at a gun skin and would appreciate any and all feedback on the design, and obviously my updates will definitely need more work.


  • Oudamon
    Link to my sketch conceptualization because the image is too big for the forum:
    Its a very rough drawing but more or less the idea i was going for. I want the purple part to look like its covered by glass.

    My first WIP post test of the workbench display.

  • Oudamon
    And a closer look at the side view. The white is a little bright and am gonna try and grey that up. Gonna work the base first though to give a better idea of contrast in the color tints.

  • Oudamon
    Well, I'm done for the day and figured I'd upload the progress I've made on the base coat. Need to get some contrast to make some of the edges seem more 3D and if anyone has a convincing technique of making the purple laser part seem as if its covered in glass, that would be muuuch appreciated.

  • Oudamon
    3 days in and I wish I learned of this contest earlier because I am really seeing how much time is needed to make a pretty gun. At least it's starting to look less shitty :). The rings are just experimentation right now.
    Also am gonna adjust the paint so that the repeated line texture, on the close side of the slide, matches the paint job.
  • Oudamon
    So this skin doesnt really work for anything worse than field-tested, so not a great concept in terms of custom skins. I definetly don't think this will be a winning skin either way, especially with how little time I have left to commit but I am glad I've been able to get it to a reasonably less shitty look. As this is my first gun skin, I'm just happy to learn from this experience, and maybe I'll submit something more doable later on. Still gonna try and clean it up a bit before the end of the contest. 

    Side note, is it possible to adjust the color of the screw on the safety? I thought I found where to color it, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

    My grip edge is pretty messy. Wanna fix that as a priority.
  • Oudamon
    Welp, I'm as done as I'm gonna be for this contest. I am incredibly happy with my skin's factory new look, even though I have very little confidence that it's a winner. Still had fun, and I'm definitely gonna experiment more. Here is the final outcome.

  • Ezikyl
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    Ezikyl polycounter lvl 4
    I would strongly advise adjusting the phong exponent and intensity values, so that you can see the skin much better without the white sheen.
  • Oudamon
    ^^Thanks man, so much better now; Here are the updated screenshots.  Still not happy with the planet with its ring since I didnt realize I couldn't seem to paint over the screw and kinda slopped out on that. Oh well.

  • Oudamon
    Lol, I just now googled photon torpedo and realized it was a star trek thing all along. What good name hasn't already been used anyways. Blazer Canon was the clear name for this.
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