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polycounter lvl 2
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Morgulan polycounter lvl 2
First sketches:

More detailed concept:

Applying the concept on a UV body sheet:

Photoshop progress so far: (these are just contrast colors not the final ones)

Star creation:

And the tail:
Here is a in-game workbench screenshot:

Creating the "plasma":

Giving some reflection to the plasma, and reworking it a little bit - trying to get it glow really nicely:

In-game progress:

Adding raindrops to the plasma to spice it up a bit:

And Another view in-game:

Creating the front of the weapon with some gradient stars and plasma:

In-game look:

Trying out different colors and putting on some glow:

And yet another In-game picture:

Here is an almost finished overall UV chart view:
Here is an view on .obj (yellow represents default skin of the weapon - not colored):

Lastest In-game:

So this is the final skin look, did not want to "overdetail" it and also let it be painted only on some parts so it fits more to the restricted tier and lastly left alpha clean so it would be rarer if you had no scratches on the stars.

I'm happy with the end results and in worst at least I learned something new. Thanks for checking out this post.


Steam workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=692964947
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