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PC-CSGO | Desert Eagle - Blaster

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rafear97 polycounter lvl 2
Hello, I got an idea for my desert eagle while I was walking outside. 80's Sci-Fi had bright magneta, pink colors everywhere, lightsabers and blasters. We all perfectly know that Desert Eagle is the most powerful pistol in game, so this would perfectly match for Blaster skin. It doesn't has any artwork on it, just a blaster beam and at the front of pistol you can see pinkish explosion. For handle I decided to add neon magneta colors, to add contrast to this powerful weapon, and to make it look better - I also added small X's to it.
You won't probably see much WIP here, because it's already almost done, so if I decide to fix anything, I will do it instantly.

As for exteriors I decided to make it available from Factory New to Battle-Scared, and the difference between them is hardly visible
Factory New


It also looks very nice in first person

and here is also UV chart

LINK TO WORKSHOP: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=681618954


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