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Thanez interpolator
Hi, I'm Daniel Mjelde, and this is a collaboration project with Erik Henriksen. I'm a modeler and texture artist that hasn't posted much around these parts, but I've been knee deep in the Source engine since GoldSRC, and will be doing two model versions and texture work. Erik is a great artist that I've been following since we served together a little more than 10 years ago, and was the first person I thought to work with on this. His sort-of NSFW porfolio can be found here: http://rockyskullington.tumblr.com/
If we win, the spoils of war will be split 50-50 (FTR) :)

I'll be doing two versions of the model, one plain highpoly to help out the texture work, and one Sci-fi detailed, look at Millenia's workshop to understand. Both will have Erik's artwork on them, and the Overlords will decide which entry suits the case if we win.
We both like to work with fluid inspiration, so we don't have a fancy palette with references, but he has mentioned Pascal Blanche as a source of inspiration.

Previous artwork WIPs

Current artwork WIP

Previous model WIPs
None yet.

Current model WIP

Everything including the title is subject to change :)
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